• If an IPX employee has misconducted our business, please do not hesitate to report us via FRIENDS CARE.
  • FRIENDS CARE is a channel to prevent and improve misconducted behavior to grow IPX into a healthier company.

Types of consultations and inquiries

  • Misconduct/Corruption: abuse of authority, receipt of money and valuables, mediation of third-party interests, guaranteeing future, etc.
  • Violation of laws and regulations: anti-corruption (FCPA, etc.), leakage of confidentiality of corporate/personal information, violation of subcontracting law, etc
  • Violation of corporate regulations: employment rules, purchase procedures, internal accounting management regulations, compliance regulations, etc
  • When you get retaliation from an offender, because of what you reported,
  • Other social and conventional misconduct


  • The reporter is protected in accordance with the 'Reporter Protection Regulations'.
    However, if a reporter reports fraudulent purposes (harm, demand for money, preferential treatment, etc.) or false reports, he or she is not protected by the "Reporter Protection Regulations" and may be liable under the relevant laws.
  • Please explain the facts. Proper materials (photos, documents, recordings, messages, etc.) can help ensure smooth and clear investigation.
  • If it is an inconvenience other than a misconduct, the relevant department can respond.
  • If you have any questions about the partnership, please let us know on the partnership channel.

Collection and use of personal information

  • IPX and related companies are collecting personal information as follows for consultation and inquiry. The personal information collected below is jointly handled by IPX and the affiliated company to which the person subject to report belongs.
  • 1. Personal Information Collection Items : (Required) Email Address
  • 2. Purpose of collecting and using personal information : Securing smooth communication channels, such as replying to reporting results
  • 3. Period of use of personal information : the destruction of personal information within six months after the collection of personal information and the achievement of the purpose of use
  • 4. For other matters, follow IPX Co., Ltd.'s personal information policy.